National Hotel Pet Policy

Pets are Welcome at The National Hotel

We are happy to accommodate house-trained, good-natured pets and we also accept well-behaved pet owners, particularly if their pets can vouch for them.

For our pet fee of $25 per night… We provide a basket with:

  • National Hotel guidelines
  • Towel
  • Dishes for food & water
  • Pet bedspread
  • Plastic waste bags
  • Biscuit treats
Pets are welcome at the National Hotel

However, we do ask that you review the following “pet policy” guidelines.

With the exception of your guest room, pets must be on leash at all times, anywhere in the hotel or on the Patio.

Aggressive dogs are not accepted, nor are young pups. You loving pet must be good around other people and like all dogs. Total weight of dog/dogs per room is 60 pounds.

You may not leave your pet alone in your room. Leaving pets in a strange room can be quite unnerving for some pets. There are many places in and around Jamestown, where your pets are welcome, particularly on a leash.

You are responsible for your pet’s behavior. If an “accident” does occur, whether in your room or in Jamestown, it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet completely.

We will provide a doggie bedspread, should you wish to have your pet on the bed.

Because cats are not good travelers, and may contribute to allergies, we ask that they stay in their carriers, while on premises.

Your pet is welcome to join you on our patio, when dining at lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch. If necessary, please bring the water or food dish that is supplied in your room. We ask that your pet be clean, well groomed, and have current shots and flea & tick care (all loving pets are).

House-keeping services are performed daily, but only in the absence of your pet. Pet owners will be responsible for any damages, injury or lost revenue, that may be caused by your pet.

Please remember to control your pet, for not all guests may be as enthusiastic about your pet as you are.

Very lovely rooms, clean, airy, well-decorated, excellent service, a great and varied menu, fabulous chef.

D.H.- San Jose CA